PHI is an innovative consulting firm consisting of teams of highly skilled, certified, and talented workplace safety professionals. In addition to safety consulting, we can provide: safety staffing, safety management, safety training, and more at all stages of your next construction project; everything from contractor safety evaluation, to safety program development to training, commissioning and system turn-over.

PHI Consulting will help your company create, develop, and maintain an ongoing construction site safety program. Our experienced Safety Consultants can help with your immediate or long-term needs by:

• Developing a project-specific health and safety program and standardized procedures for your project to ensure employee safety and compliance with the laws we have to work under.
• Developing and teaching safety orientation and other training curricula.
• Assisting with the creation of site-specific safety manual(s) when required and job hazard analysis for specific tasks.
• Provide specialized training support for lockout/tagout and confined spaces.
• Coordinate stormwater and erosion control activities for your construction site.
• Work with commissioning/startup teams to develop and implement a written safety plan.
• Designate an on-site safety manager for your account.

In addition to safety consulting, we can provide: environmental, health and safety (EHS) staffing, EHS management, EHS training, and more at all stages of your next construction project; everything from contractor safety evaluation to safety program development to training, commissioning and system turn-over.

We can provide temporary or permanent staffing customized to your specific project on an outsourced basis and fill your needs for program development, OSHA compliance and training.

Our Mission

We strive to define your objectives and achieve the most cost-effective and efficient workplace health, safety and environmental plan to ensure compliance for your construction project. By investing in quality services, you can protect your investment, help keep your employees safe and healthy, avoid workers compensation claims and reduce your overall project costs.

Our Team

Led by the firm’s founder, Ms. Peg Hopkins, MPH, and Lead Project Manager, Glen Davis, CMSP, PHI draws from a staff with a wide variety of technical and construction backgrounds and years of experience. Each is a committed professional that has completed the OSHA 30 hour course and many are certified to teach the 10 and 30 hour courses that result in OSHA certification for attendees. Professional experience includes major construction, consulting, management and governmental regulatory work. We have extensive experience and familiarity with construction project operations and processes.

PHI safety professionals offer a wide range of work experience, many with trade skills, and some with advanced college degrees. They are serious safety professionals and focus primarily on the human element through programs of education and training as well as enforcement. We encourage a team approach toward safety that is demonstrated as the most effective organizational model for maintaining a safe workplace while keeping morale high and increasing productivity.

Our Approach

Our home office is located in Ann Arbor, Michigan, and our extensive client list includes large and small companies across the country. You will also find us working from remote sites across the nation, but regardless of location, the coordination of many experienced professionals enables PHI to provide superior service anywhere at a competitively low cost.

Contact us for a complete list of services provided by PHI Consulting Safety Professionals and learn how our services can benefit your business.

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